Thursday, June 24, 2010

Parish Walk on BBC News tomorrow evening-Friday

First of all I would like to give my very best wishes to Dave & Dudley, (they sound like a dynamic duo) my fellow bloggers on this fantastic web site! Well done Dave for keeping up the blogging and the serious training report, I wish I had done half of it! Sorry if I have disappointed anyone with my lack of blogs - I had great intentions to blog more regularly - however that thing call time was always against me and still is!!

The Breakthrough Babes Team are filming tomorrow morning (before 8am) for the BBC North West News - so fame for 60 seconds if we are lucky! To be shown Friday evening 6pm.

GOOD LUCK to everyone who is raising funds for their own special charity on Saturday - every penny counts and charities are very grateful to receive these donations and sponsorships from people who .......go that extra mile! So go the extra mile, stay safe, have fun and do it all again next year!

Once the Parish is over myself and 15 other locals will be training hard for our trek up Kilimanjaro in October , so we will swap the trainers for the hiking boots and the Sloc for Snaefell! Can't wait- hope I keep my toe nails this PW.

Thanks for reading our blogs ( I know some people did as they stopped me and told me)
here's hoping everyone achieves the PARISH they want to get to or the finish they have always wanted!


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