Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 ..........a challenging year

I have been that busy training that I haven't had time to 'blog' ..... well not quite true but I have been full on with work and other commitments so sorry this blog is overdue!

I have been out on the roads quite a bit these last couple of weeks albeit short walks of 3-4 miles - and last Sunday I walked up Snaefell in the rain and mist to try my skills at mountain trekking!! I have to be honest I was not very comfortable doing this . Okay, so I had my Parish Walk trainers on which slipped about on the wet mountain side, my feet were not supported as they should be, and I have decided I need to buy the right footwear for the right job. I did not have the right wet gear either.

So what is this mountain trekking all about you may ask?? Well myself and 13 other Manx residents have signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in October later this year in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Kili mountain is the 'roof top of Africa' and a huge challenge for us all. Snaefell is the only 'mountain' I have ever ascended and Kili is 10 times higher than this.

It is a 10 day trek , the trekking isn't the hardest part of the journey it is coping with the high altitude which can leave you suffering great sickness, feeling weak, headaches, breathlessness
( does that sound a bit going round the long stretch to Bride?) Well my Parish Walk training will continue and along with my Kili training I will be expecting to be 'supa fit' !

This weekend I am going to buy my first pair of hiking boots and probably some thick walking socks! I am told the temperatures are very extreme up there - we start off at the bottom of the mountain in tropical temperatures and as we climb to the top it is like being at the North Pole - minus 15 degrees ! I have already bought some non glam thermal underwear (long johns to those of us over 40).

That's all for now, oh if anyone would like to sponsor me ( direct to Breakthrough Breast Cancer ) please visit www.justgiving.com - I would be truly grateful. Thank you -Angie

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dodging Doggie Deposits !

This morning I went out for a long walk and whilst I was enjoying the countryside around Braddan I took my eye off the pavement for a split second and 'squelch' - I can't tell you what words came out of my mouth next! Good job no one was around me, but I could be seen scraping my trainer on the patches of grassy areas at the side of the road!

Okay- not a nice subject, but then neither is Dudley's Flaky Feet and Slimy Snot or my Drop off Toenails! But I can't tell you how annoyed I was!! I bet most of you have had this happen! Don't you always have to check your feet before you walk in through your front door, particularly after a dark evening walk. Why is it just a few irresponsible dog owners let the side down of all dog lovers.
I had a couple of 'walk home' walks from work (Douglas to Onchan) last week and whilst this isn't far it's keeping me motivated.

Looking ahead to the back end of this year I have some serious training to get down to for my next charity challenge, but more about that next time-
Have a great week - Angie