Sunday, June 27, 2010

Congratulations to one and all !

Firstly let me thank all the organisers of the wonderful Parish Walk 2010. It must have been one of the hotest we have on record - it certainly felt like it up the Sloc. Huge thanks to the Race Director, Secretary, Assistants, Time Keepers and those that helped in any way.
Thanks to the Marshalls that kept us all safe on the roads, to the Corporate drinking station sponsors that supplied much needed water, fresh fruit and snacks to keep us walking.

to everyone who competed, completed or supported the fantastic Parish Walk! It was a great day all round, with personal bests, many first time finishers and those who achieved their own goals!

Congratulations to Dave Walker (fellow blogger) who was a first time finisher with a brilliant time of 18:54:29 and 25th place- Well done Dave you deserved it as you put a lot of effort into your training plan and it paid off!

Dudley Butt (fellow blogger) made it to Peel in the blistering heat- I guess you knew that your injury was going to have a big impact on your walk, Dudley! Well done.

The Breakthrough Babes Team had a roaring success, we had 4 members complete the 85 miles, 2 x under 21's reached Peel in great times and others had a great walk and are already planning for next years race! We hope to have raised many £'s for Breakthrough Breast Cancer - we certainly had the publicity from BBC North West, and Sky TV - all great for raising awareness of this disease and charity.

I was delighted to score another Parish Walk finish (my 6th ) - my times however always reflect my lack training - so don't do as I do , follow Dave Walker's blog and have more success!

Lastly but certainly not least thank you to Murray Lambden (& Marie) for this fabulous website which is so impressive, accurate, informative and enjoyable. It has been a pleasure blogging , thank you for asking me Murray, I hope it has provided some enjoyable reading for those that viewed them.

Hope to see many of you on Wednesday evening at the Villa Marina for the presentation!
all the best
Angie Aire

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Parish Walk on BBC News tomorrow evening-Friday

First of all I would like to give my very best wishes to Dave & Dudley, (they sound like a dynamic duo) my fellow bloggers on this fantastic web site! Well done Dave for keeping up the blogging and the serious training report, I wish I had done half of it! Sorry if I have disappointed anyone with my lack of blogs - I had great intentions to blog more regularly - however that thing call time was always against me and still is!!

The Breakthrough Babes Team are filming tomorrow morning (before 8am) for the BBC North West News - so fame for 60 seconds if we are lucky! To be shown Friday evening 6pm.

GOOD LUCK to everyone who is raising funds for their own special charity on Saturday - every penny counts and charities are very grateful to receive these donations and sponsorships from people who .......go that extra mile! So go the extra mile, stay safe, have fun and do it all again next year!

Once the Parish is over myself and 15 other locals will be training hard for our trek up Kilimanjaro in October , so we will swap the trainers for the hiking boots and the Sloc for Snaefell! Can't wait- hope I keep my toe nails this PW.

Thanks for reading our blogs ( I know some people did as they stopped me and told me)
here's hoping everyone achieves the PARISH they want to get to or the finish they have always wanted!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here we go, here we go, here we go......

Hurray! the Parish Walk is upon us but maybe, like me you are feeling a little nervous too! Unless you are one of the top 10/20 finishers there shouldn't be any pressure on us BUT we do feel the pressure to succeed- whether its a faster finish or to 'go a bit further' or reach another Parish or just your own personal challenge!

After the Parish, maybe next week, or when our blisters have healed, our joints are more supple and we have forgotten the pain we were in when we stopped walking - we all set ourselves another challenge for next year's walk! and can't wait to plan our great intentions to "do more training" - or maybe that's just me!

Well I eventually managed to get No. 1 (eldest) son out of bed at 7.30am on Sunday for a walk up round Glen Roy - he thoroughly enjoyed the countryside, the peacefulness, and spending some quality time with Mum!! The walk went well but his stride was twice the length of mine - so I doubt we will walk together on Saturday. This was his longest walk yet (9miles).

Son No.2 (middle one) is walking with his 'love of his life' Sarah and as they are both under 21 they will be finishing hopefully at Peel!

Enjoy the walk everyone - pack plenty of supplies (kitchen sink is handy) it's going to be hot, hot!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Counting down....

Okay so how many of you like me are starting to panic now that you didn't keep to your training plan to compete in the Parish Walk 2010?

Well I would be lying if I said I have ever had a plan - I never have a plan of training, or even on the day where I should be at what time or what I should be eating and drinking - for me it seems to work when I just go out there and get on with it- Last year my first part of the race was quite slow and I didn't feel very motivated but the second half was a different race altogether. I never know how it is going to be on the day - but then neither do any of us.

Most of all it's a great event, bringing many of us all together around our wonderful countryside.

Oh so what walking have I been doing - not much as I have been in Italy on holiday with my family which we all enjoyed - lots of walking whilst sightseeing though!
Am walking to work and back this TT week as it's quicker than driving!

Have a safe TT everyone and take great care on the roads this week if you are out walking or driving.