Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shop, shop 'til you you drop!

I hope you have all had a super Christmas - and like me eaten too much turkey & christmas pud, and in need of some serious excercise! Well my husband & I did get out on Boxing Day for a long walk, not so much of a power walk as a brisk walk, but it felt good to get some fresh air and stretch those legs!

However today was the first day of the real sales (M & S at least) so I spent many hours and did a couple of miles walking from shop to shop, I guess that doesn't count as 'training' but I got some great bargains!

Well, where was I on my 2009 PW finish ? Oh yes, having picked up my pace from Bride church, I saw my work colleague finish at Andreas with injuries which made me more determined to continue to Lezayre. Despite the fading light and the roads becoming darker, (I was still walking solo) the cars seemed to become faster and more frightening on the roads through to Lezayre and onwards! The walk into Ramsey was welcoming as the town was buzzing with Northern folk having a night out and PW supporters grabbing a drink and quick bite to eat in the Square as they cheered us on. It was shortly after this that I heard Janice Quirk (1st woman home ) had finished in Douglas - I was still in the North of the island and some five hours away from finishing! I remember thinking 'that's amazing' and I still had all those miles left to walk.
The walk to Maughold Church was a very lonely one and particularly dark, however after the Church check in I started to pass more and more walkers, one by one - these were the walkers that sprightly passed me in the first half of the race, it was my turn now to show them how to do it! I had to use a torch on the journey from the Church to the Hibernia as it was so dark. My sister Heather was following me on the internet and texting me, whilst I was texting her back I was stunmbling into the hedge a couple of times and almost lost my balance whilst chuckling to myself. My husband and support driver for the night was ahead as there were many cars on that narrow road following a group of walkers.

So, how was I feeling at this point? Well it's something like 1.30am and you have been walking for 17 hours plus, feeling very tired with hot feet, aching shoulders and thinking "What am I doing out here?" "What's happening at home? " Lot's of strange things go through your head when you have time to think - like what will I eat when I finish , as it's really very difficult to eat whilst walking and you don't actually taste anything, you eat because you know you have to, to keep up your stamina -Ian my hubby & night support, cooked me pasta tubes and dressed it in a little olive oil and a some finely grated cheese for me to nibble on from time to time and I truly believe this got me through the second half when he took over the night shift. I would eat this again as it was small bites & easy to eat with your fingers. More about this next ....year ....

Have a safe and fun New Years eve and I wish you all a healthy & happy New Year ! Here's to the Parish Walk 2010!
Warmest regards, Angie x

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is coming & the geese are getting fat....

.....and so will I if I don't get out and do some training!! Well here come the excuses..
  • I have been off the island for work purposes
  • I have been lazy
  • I was working on a lot of charity projects on the run up to Christmas
  • Unexpectedly I am suffering with sciatica
  • I am now trying to catch up with Christmas preparations - I know late as usual
  • It's far too cold and slipery out there!
Ok so excuses over ... I was telling you about my Parish walk this year - after setting off and not being sure that I was going to attempt the full distance I was struggling to 'get into it' and as I passed my old church in Arbory (where I was christened and married) my brother and his family were there to cheer me and other fellow walkers on. He later told me that my walking style didn't convince him that I would make Peel never mind back to Douglas! I admit I didn't feel comfortable with my first half of the walk. I don't know why, I had no pain or trouble but I guess I wasn't in the right frame of mind. The Sloc is always a battle for me as I don't walk the hills very well, and many walkers glided past me but I walked through to Peel, thanks to my Mum & Dad's brilliant support in the South and West of the island and plodded on to Kirk Michael - again still not feeling very focused on the job. It wasn't until I got past Jurby that I caught up with a Southern friend Rita and her chat, friendship and companionship picked up my spirits no end and gave me the boost I needed. Thanks Rita! From then on I never looked back. My upbeat mood quickened my step and I changed up a gear with a positive mind to get the job done! So don't think previous PW finishers 'just do it' they have ups and downs too with doubts and frustrations - it's all part of the process. More next time.....

If I don't 'blog' before the 25th I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very Healthy New Year and I aim to get some miles in over the 4 days off (but it just may be Strand Street, Castle Street, Duke Street and a skinny latte to quench the shopping thirst!)
Have a great time. Angie

Monday, December 7, 2009

"Doing the Lambden Walk "

When Murray asked me 2 weeks ago if I was entering the 2010 Parish Walk, I immediately said 'yes' - next question was "would you like to be one of our bloggers ?" Always ready for a challenge I agreed, then I asked Murray how often I was expected to blog - he replied about once a week! Oh heck I thought I usually have plenty to say but what if I dry up and I receive comments of "Boo -Get off" - oh well here goes - be nice to me!

I looked on the website on December 1st to see if anyone had already signed up for the 2010 Parish Walk and about 6 or so had done so soon after midnight - that's a great start - I had better get my entry in to show my support and committment to fellow walkers. Today there are 57 (varieties) of you.

So continuing from where I left off from Blog 1....... after 4 full finishes from 1997 to 2001 why did it take me so long to attempt the full distance again? In 2002 (just turned 40) I was diagnosed with breast cancer - shock, horror, disbelief - I had always led an active, healthy life - how come? why me? what next? what if ..........?
Following excellent treatment and care at Nobles Hospital, more treatment at Clatterbridge Hospital, total love and support from my family & friends I survived to spread the word that people can survive the big 'C' and get their lives back on track. I walked into Peel the following year to a huge cheer from the Parish Walk supporters in Peel, with a huge tear in my eye.

This years Parish Walk, without confirming I was intending to walk the distance, I set off with everyone else wondering just where my finish would be......... more next time!

Twice a week my friend, Karen & I walk for about an hour - well its more talk than walk - but it's great to get out in the fresh air and take the excercise -we will try to increase the distance in the New Year- for those who know me will remember I don't put in too much mileage for The Parish - hence the 20 plus hours!! But for me it's about the camaraderie, the lovely scenery, the friendly, encouraging banter from other walkers' supporters and that great experience crossing the FINISH line no matter what time!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Angie Aire - Parish Walk

I first entered the Parish Walk in 1980 along with many members of the Southern Young Farmers Club, encouraged and coached by Noel Cringle MHK - Noel won the Veterans race to Peel that year in 6hrs 28mins - and still walks the Parish today in great style! I was second in the Ladies race to Peel in a time of 7hrs 24min - Winnie Callister was first. Irene Corlett was second finisher of the full distance breaking the women's record in a time of 17hrs 41 mins. How the times of today's winners have reduced by comparison! The weather in 1980 was shocking and quoted as "the worst yet" - but nothing like the 2008 walk which was one unforgettable year!

I went on to compete in the Parish many more times but not until 1997 did I actually walk the full 85 miles where only 24 walkers finished including 5 women. I will never forget that first finish - it was the best!

2009 was my 5th Parish Walk finish but it was my greatest achievement, and one I thought would never happen again - why ? I will tell you more next time.