Friday, May 14, 2010

Not long now..........

I had a lovely walk tonight with Sarah (PW 1st timer) straight after work and we walked the route from Upper Pack Horse Lane in Lonan up the tiny windy roads (more like a pony track) to Glen Roy and dropped back down to Laxey - what a beautiful part of the island !

The views looking back as we climbed the hilly roads were breathtaking - there were new lambs jumping about in the sunshine, horses and ponies with their heads up when they heard us talking and spoiling their peace and quiet, a pheasant jumped out of the hedge, cows grazing on the fresh new grass, a beast that looked like a Yak! with long, pointing and menacing horns, cockerels were crowing in the nearby cow field. We heard a peacock calling and there was birdsong over head.

The hedgerows were full of golden gorse, primroses and bluebells abundant, and the may flower peeped through the long grass! I know this sounds more like a wildlife stroll but.... it really was a
very enjoyable walk and it was quite challenging "up hill and down dale " . We walked about 9 miles and plan to do it again on Sunday!

The weather is looking good now and you can see many walkers out training in the early mornings and late evenings.

What ever training you do, be it long distance or short walks just enjoy it, take a look around you and remember how lucky we are to live on this beautiful island.

Have a good weekend all - Angie

Sunday, May 2, 2010

All things bright and beautiful..............our countryside

Training has been hit and miss over the last few weeks! I have been keeping up the short walks as they are less time consuming and very enjoyable. However I did take a loooong walk today with my son James, who is competing in the Under 21's race to Peel. Our older son, Rob, remained in his bed - again! Will he even get to Rushen on the day I ask myself!!

We walked from Douglas and followed the Parish Walk route to Rushen Church. It was a beautiful day and although chilly to start, we soon stepped up the pace and stared to really enjoy the challenge. We have now walked the first 32 miles to Peel in 2 parts and thoroughly enjoyed the route, the views and generally the countryside. The daffodils are fading, but the primroses and bluebells are really starting to flourish - and the hedgerows are abundant with them - I also noticed that there are numerous dandelions everywhere - even our back garden! The cattle have been turned out to the fresh spring grass after a long Winter indoors, the little lambs were following the ewe's round the fields. These are all wonderful things you just don't see when driving the car.

Over the next few weeks I need to step up the miles - yeah rather late as usual! but it's never stopped me getting round, so best foot forward and lets all enjoy the Springtime.

Any tips on how to keep your toe nails I really would welcome!

Thanks Angie