Sunday, November 29, 2009

Angie Aire - Parish Walk

I first entered the Parish Walk in 1980 along with many members of the Southern Young Farmers Club, encouraged and coached by Noel Cringle MHK - Noel won the Veterans race to Peel that year in 6hrs 28mins - and still walks the Parish today in great style! I was second in the Ladies race to Peel in a time of 7hrs 24min - Winnie Callister was first. Irene Corlett was second finisher of the full distance breaking the women's record in a time of 17hrs 41 mins. How the times of today's winners have reduced by comparison! The weather in 1980 was shocking and quoted as "the worst yet" - but nothing like the 2008 walk which was one unforgettable year!

I went on to compete in the Parish many more times but not until 1997 did I actually walk the full 85 miles where only 24 walkers finished including 5 women. I will never forget that first finish - it was the best!

2009 was my 5th Parish Walk finish but it was my greatest achievement, and one I thought would never happen again - why ? I will tell you more next time.