Friday, April 2, 2010

......up over the Sloc and down to Peel !

2 weeks ago I encouraged my 2 older sons to attempt the Parish Walk this year - James is 19 and Rob is 21- a little unsure they agreed to let me sign them up ( and pay for them!!) After all the years of supporting me I felt it was time for them to give it a go!

Last Sunday was a beautiful morning and with my son James, his lovely girlfriend Sarah (both new entrants in the Parish this year) and my friend Kim, we all set off from Rushen Church and slogged our way up the Sloc! I thought it would be good for James and Sarah to experience this section before the big PW day.

'The Young Ones' led the way and set the pace for Kim & I. We were sure us ' Not So Young Ones' would out walk them on this 12 mile walk over the hill and down to Dalby - not to be! They stayed ahead and walked in great style, enjoying their first long training walk -

Walking past Niarbyl around midday I sent a text to Rob to let him know what he was missing - but he said he was in the best place after a heavy night out - still under the duvet! That won't get you far Rob!

We all made it to Peel in a good time and deceided we would walk more of the route from Douglas to Ballasalla or even to Rushen next time.

2 weeks ago I walked (crawled ) up the coastal side of Cronk Ny Arrey Laa, in training for Kilimanjaro with the other 14 trekkers led by farmer Paul Costain - this was tough and very steep climbing up from the shore line - even the sheep didn't get to some sections we did! Whilst we didn't experience any 'altitude sickness' it was exhausting!

My training at the gym is going well -visiting twice a week I am feeling fitter than ever and looking forward to a long walk on Easter Monday with friends.

I hope you are having a good weekend and I wish you all a very Happy Easter!

Shame about the weather ! Angie

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