Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still alive & kicking!!!

Sorry for the missing blogs! Lots been happening lately, I have been in London for a few days, had a rotten cold ( I think I caught the one that Dudley has had all Winter!) and was in Blackpool last weekend with the family who were competing at a Brass Band Championship contest with great results!

2 weeks ago I started at the Ladies Only - Body & Mind Gym in Douglas, who are very kindly sponsoring me a 6 month membership to get me round the Parish Walk and up that Kilimanjaro mountain in October! So I have a lovely personal trainer called Paula who on my first week said we would just take it easy to get started- and so I was fine-

Last night at the Gym. Paula really put me through my paces! I didn't use any major equipment just stepping, bending, stretching, lifting, kicking etc and boy do I feel it today!! I have muscles where I didn't think I had any! I now need to attend more classes and really strengthen my lower half of my body and increase my stamina.

I am still walking short 2-4 mile walks about three times a week, which isn't enough but it's all time permits at the moment. I have so much charity work going on after my own work there's little time for anything else.

I, like everyone else must be looking forward to the clocks going forward to bring us lighter evenings - I am hoping the Easter weekend will be a fair weather one and getting some extra walking in!

Keep walking and talking !

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